More Speakers for Spring 2013 ID Summit

We are pleased to announce two additional sessions of the Spring 2013 ID Summit:

“A scenario-based approach to learning in Canvas”
Chase Mitchell, Snow College

Abstract: Engaging students in the learning process is paramount to good instructional design and in this presentation I will demonstrate multiple ways of utilizing the engaging method of “scenario based learning”.  Through the use of simple features in Canvas as well as more sophisticated external tool options you will see examples, and learn ways to better engage your students and assess their understanding.

“Effects of personalized email and telephone campaigns on student retention”
Jason Findlay, Danny Young, Richard Marwedel

Abstract: We will present the effects of personalized email and telephone campaigns on student retention. Based on their lack of online activity, students were contacted either by phone or email in an effort to provide for them encouragement, accountability, and support in their online classes. Metrics used include the time it took students to first login to their class, and students who failed to submit one to three assignments by the due dates. The effects measured were course completion, grades earned, and subsequent online class registration.

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