Program Change for Summer ID Summit

There has been a change in the program for the second hour of the upcoming ID Summit. Instead of a faculty panel discussion we will have Dr. Richard West from BYU present. The title and abstract for his presentation are listed below:

Creative Instructional Design: Principles for Improving the Creativity of Our Design Teams


By definition, designing should be a creative act. However, many of our instructional designs do not feel very creative to our users, or often ourselves. This is not too surprising as most organizations and teams are not very good at injecting creativity into their work because this is a very challenging thing to do. But just because it is challenging does not mean we could not strive to do better. In this presentation, I will discuss a few of the insights we know from research into group and social creativity, and provide a few suggestions for how we might use these research findings to improve the way we work, design, and live.

If you have not signed up for ID Summit yet, please to so ASAP.

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