Spring 2015 ID Summit

We are pleased to announce the next ID Summit will be held on March 20 at the University of Utah Marriott Library. The theme of this ID Summit will be leveraging media in courses. We are planning for the following speakers:

Keynote Speaker
“Assessing Rights and Risks: How to Help Faculty and Instructors Navigate Copyright Policies”
Allyson Mower, Scholarly Communications & Copyright Librarian, University of Utah

Knowing just a few basics about your campus policy on using copyrighted works can help make course design and management easier. This session will cover the main elements of the U of U policy on copying, briefly discuss how it relates to other policies from Utah institutions of higher education, and address ways of incorporating fair use principles into  the course design process.

“Leverage Content Repositories and Video in Instructional Design”
Nathan Sanders, Instructional Designer, University of Utah
Adam Stewart, Video & Events Manager, University of Utah

“What’s really going on here? Discussing Kaltura Analytics with Faculty”
Seth Gurell, Director – Instructional Design Services, Utah Valley University

Learning analytics is an active, emerging area of interest in our field.  Although there have been advancements in the technology, integration into practice lags. This presentation will examine UVU’s efforts in discussing Kaltura analytics with faculty.

If you are interested in attending, please sign up. Parking will be available in the East Stadium parking lot (labeled “09” below).

Spring 2015 ID Summit Parking info

If you have any questions, please contact Seth Gurell (801-863-7351; seth dot gurell @ nospam uvu.edu.

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